Monday, February 2, 2009

Call Centre

Call Centre is a centralized office of a company which receives the incoming calls or makes an outgoing call and sell their goods.

It is divided into two types again

1. International Call Centre.
2. Domestic Call Centre.

As per their criteria of calling it again gets divided into two different types
1. Outbound Call Centre.
2. Inbound Call Centre.

Outbound Call Centre.

This is a centralised office which would be making outgoing calls to sell and promote their product to tell the whole world that their brand is alive in the present market with the latest features of making our jobs easier.

Inbound Call Centre.

This is a centralised office which would be receiving the incoming calls for the products and goods they have sold and promoted. They normally would get customer either enquiring about the product or else complaining about the product he has purchased from us. So the work taken up over here is to make sure the customer gets full satisfaction from the product and get the better services he has ever received.


The responsility as a Customer Care Executive is to understand the query of the customer, solve it and give him the right resolution. It is not an easy task to handle a customer. We may come across many customer with different attitudes.

One among them are "Aggressive". It is a bit difficult to handle this type of customer but it is our key responsibility to solve his/her concern as they are holding our product. There are different techniques dealt in order to give them the best resolution which we would be coming across in the next lines.